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Stop pests in their tracks with the termite and carpet ant control that features a fast-acting formula. This insect control helps preserve outdoor fence posts and buildings by protecting them from carpenter ants and termites and helps control other insects such as ticks, grasshoppers, and more. 

  • Helps control insects such as chinch-bug, sod webworm, grasshoppers, European crane flies, ticks and more
  • Helps protect outdoor fence posts and buildings from termites and carpenter ants and can be used as a fire ant mound treatment
  • Can be used on turf areas to control above-ground and root-feeding grubs
  • Can be applied as a spray or a drench
  • Fast-acting formula
  • For outdoor use only 

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    20 oz


    BASF Corporation

    Product Label




    Target Pest

    Termites and ants

    Active Ingredient

    Fipronil 9.1%

    For Use

    Outside only


     0.06% solution-yields 24 gallons; 0.125% solution yields 12 gallons

    Mixture Application

    You will need 4 gallons of mixed Termidor solution per 10 lineal feet


    Ants: twice a year, Termites: every 5-10 years. Refer to label.

    Shipping Restrictions

    AK, CT, NE, NY, SC, MA