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Not only will BAC-AZAP get rid of unpleasant odors in the home, but it also eliminates the stench of cigarette smoke in apartments, automobiles, and nightclubs, improves the flow of slow drains, removes drain flies, and enhances composting. BAC-AZAP is even strong enough to combat foul odors caused by vomit, urine, feces, grease, proteins, decomposing animal and plant matter, and other organic matter. Simply spray BAC-AZAP on the affected area, and BAC-AZAP continues to work for you until the job is done. BAC-AZAP can be used on ceilings, walls, floors, fabric, carpet, furniture and in drains.

Accessories Optional

190363, SGB921



Product Label




Target Pest

Organic odor, organic stains, and removes drain fly, phorid fly, and fruit fly breeding sites.

Active Ingredient

A blend of natural organisms and enzymes that consume decaying organic odor-causing matter, eliminating the source    of the odor.

For Use

Walls, floors, carpets, wall voids, crawl spaces, basements, floor drains, refuse containers, dumpsters, garbage cans, bathrooms, compost piles.


Refer to label.


Furnished full strength and ready to use for the toughest applications. In cases where the product is applied periodically as part of an ongoing maintenance program, the product may be diluted with one (1) or two (2) parts water in order to maximize coverage.

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