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Trap-Rite Cardboard Bait Box

$ 1.65

TrapRite stations are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, and research shows rodents  prefer cardboard over plastic stations. Also, by trapping rodents inside the box using traditional snap traps and glue boards you contain the biohazard in an economical and disposable station. Use TrapRite stations in sensitive areas where rodents are restricted or prohibited, such as schools, hospitals and...

Trapper Glue Board

$ 6.40

Trapper Rat Glue Boards are low-profile plastic trays with a strong glue. This low profile design with its narrow lip will allow the rat to step onto the glue. The glue on Trapper Glue Boards is exceptionally strong and holds a rat securely. If a mouse comes in contact with this glue, just the slightest contact will hold the mouse. ...

Trapper T-Rex Snap-Trap

$ 7.56

Named after the fierce dinosaur, Trapper T-REX is Bell's most recent addition to its line of reliable traps. Professionals can now use a safer alternative to dangerous rat snap traps. It is much easier to set. You can use Trapper T-REX along a rat pathway or you can insert it in a tamper-resistant bait station to keep it out of...