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PT 565 Plus XLO is a non-residual contact insecticide with a slight odor. It is labeled for just about every pest you could have a problem with, including bed bugs. This is also known as Prescription Treatment (PT) 565 Plus XLO.  Size: 20 oz. can of aerosol. 565 Plus XLO is ideal for quick knockdown of listed pests and flushing cracks and crevices. It can also be used as a void treatment and as a space spray for flying insects, pantry pests, stored product pests, and more.

Accessories Optional N/A
Manufacturer Whitmire Micro-Gen
Product Label Label
Target Pest Flying insects, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, carpet beetles, stored product pests, wasps
Active Ingredient Pyrethrins 0.5%, Piperonyl Butoxide 1.0%, MGK-264 1.0%

For Use

565 Plus XLO Aerosol is best used as a crack and crevice treatment in wall voids, underneath baseboards, around window sills, around doorways, and any other entry points. 565 Plus is frequently preferred as a contact kill for exposed pests and as a flushing agent for cracks and crevices to identify harborage sites of pests such as cockroaches. 565 Plus XLO is also labeled to be used a space spray for many pests, including flying insects, stored product pests, and pantry pests, making it a great alternative to traditional foggers. 565 Plus XLO is easier and safer to use, treatment is faster, and reapplications can be made more frequently (always follow the label directions). 565 Plus XLO can be used in sensitive areas where residual sprays may not be permitted, or it can be used in conjunction with residual methods as a contact kill. Do not apply 565 Plus XLO on top of baits or in areas where baits will be applied. Use the included straw for crack and crevice and flushing treatments. Use the open actuator for space spray and spot treatments.


Refer to label


565 Plus XLO Aerosol must be above 60 degrees F for use. If can temperature is below 60 degrees F, store at room temperature until a temperature above 60 degrees F is reached. Refer to label.

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